Sunday, March 16, 2014

Experiments of a Mad Scientist

....err, Artist that is...

I am taking a short break from clay and I decided to paint some eggs! Here is the first egg I worked on. 
I started out by dripping candle wax on the surface. (note to self: take pics as you go...this step in the process was funny :)) 
Then I stained the egg in strong black coffee. I dried it off, popped all the wax off the surface and dripped more wax on in different areas then stained it some more.
I popped the wax off, dripped more on and began sponging on ink in various colors.
Enough of the wax I decided. (my work table was covered in wax flakes as was I and possibly even the cat!)
I removed all of the wax from the surface and sponged on more ink.
I still didn't like it so I doodled on the surface with gold leaf pen and india ink.

Still didn't like it.

It needed something...something...
Aha! Maybe if I break up the surface with a design and only let portions of the dyed surface show it will be better. So I began drawing leaf shapes on the surface (and some "bubbles") and filled in the spaces with black ink. Ah...much better.

The whole wax thing was a pain and no matter how much I scraped with my craft knife I couldn't remove all off the wax so drawing on it was tricky.

I really liked the effect of sponging the ink on the surface so I decided to forgo the wax and just ink the next egg and here is the second egg.

Yes! Just as pretty (actually prettier in my opinion) without the painstaking and messy wax steps. Alcohol ink is so fun to work with.
The egg is different depending on which side you are looking at so, instead of posting photos of each angle I went to Ribbet an online photo editing program and created this collage
Isn't it fun and spring-y?

I had a new idea and I am painting more eggs. Photos coming soon. Ooh, step by step photos! 
(this time I will wear gloves when inking the eggs...sheesh, I have to go to work tomorrow with rainbow fingers)

Bye for now!


Catherine Etter, The Mindful Spirit said...

Absolutely lovely, will try it on both porcelain and wooden eggs, one of my favorite forms in nature.........

Catherine Etter, The Mindful Spirit said...

And BTW, we've lived in VA for 22 years but was born and raised/grew up in Missouri including meeting and marrying my high school sweetheart!

Chris Kapono said...

Thank you Catherine! Be careful, painting eggs this way is addicting!