Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fusion, DaWanda, TopHatter and Pomtini

I'm trying out some new things!

The first is an open house for Fusion which is a local venue here in Missouri for artisans to sell their handmade goodies. I am hoping that they will accept me to become a vendor there. Chesterfield mall is a really nice upscale mall with TONS of traffic. It would be great exposure and would give me a chance to meet buyers face to face. Wish me luck!

The second 'new thing' is my new shop on DaWanda . DaWanda is an online handmade marketplace based in Europe. I have just a handful of things there, to test the waters a bit. They are really funky fun things though...you should check it out! Right now it is free to list but I believe that may change soon. Want a laugh? Well, to list something there you have to know your euros to dollars and your centimeters to inches...which I don't. My solution is to open a window to convert measurements and another to convert the money. Works like a charm!:) Here are a couple of the items in my DaWanda shop

Thirdly is TopHatter which is an auction site for jewelry, supplies, art and other things. My first auction is Thursday, April 5 (tomorrow!) in the Jewelry auction at 5pm Pacific Standard Time. It is a pendant I made with an awesome piece of purple jasper in a pyrite matrix, nestled in a polymer clay bezel. :) Cool stone! I don't know where I will fall in the lineup but the auctions are fast for each item. They may only last a few minutes each! Wish me luck *crosses fingers and toes*. I don't know what to expect so I am going to list different types of things to see what appeals to their buyers. Come on by and say Hi...I may be dead in the water and need moral support LOL! Here is a photo of the pendant.

The fourth thing is Pomtini! What is Pomtini you ask? Well, it is a delicious new flavor (new to me at least) of Crystal Light. Is pomtini a fruit?? I was all over the produce section of the local market trying to find these pomtinis (just kiddin') Man, if you don't mind a pink mustache (I actually fancy them) you should try it! I have been a Diet Coke 'addict' for many years and I am trying to kick the habit. Now I alternate between water (boring) and delicious things such as tea and pomtini. 
Well, I was going to share some other photos of things I have been working on but it will not let me. Oh well, I'll save it for another day.
Thanks for listening to me!
Say, if you have any experience with DaWanda or TopHatter, please let me know! 
See ya

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