Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wow....long time No Blog LOL!

Well it has been a loooooong time since my last blog! I fell into a slump and lost my mojo LOL. I am getting back into my clay and I played around with some pen and ink today so I have a few images to share. An ACEO in pen and ink, various pendants with agates, labradorite and jasper (one I call a Zombie Heart LOL), a mosaic tile I call 'The Juggler'. Oh, and my sweet new baby.

A lot has happened since I last blogged. I have a new puppy named Tali (Tah-lee). She is a boxer/aussie/shepherd mix and she is so adorable! She is 9 weeks old and I have her housebroken and she is doing well on a leash....yay! I live in an apartment and we walk several times a day. We have a lake with a trail that circles it and miles of quiet neighborhoods to walk in. Now I carry a pocket full of plastic grocery bags to pick up the fall out...so to speak. :) Which reminds me; there is a neighbor with a big dog and he brings him into our 'front yard' to do his business...then he LEAVES it. Giant piles of poo. We walk through this grassy area (sometimes at night) to go to the grocery store. I want to say something to him but I don't know if I should. I wish I knew where he lived and I'd let the apartment complex handle it. Anyone have any ideas?

BIG news!! I was contacted by Polyform Products Co. (the people that make Sculpey and Premo! polymer clay) and they asked me to work for them on a commission basis. From time to time they will commission a piece to use for advertising, packaging, promos, website, catalog, signs and tradeshows. I just finished my first job for them; a pendant using a new line of colors they have coming out. I can't show pics of it until the clay is 'released' to the general public but there are some very pretty colors! They are very happy with the pendant so I am relieved. :) The really awesome part is that they sent me tons of clay and tools to use. I only used a couple of packs of clay so I asked if I should hold onto the rest for the next possible project and she said I could use it for whatever I like, they'll send more clay with my next assignment. WOW! I won't have to buy clay for awhile haha!
I can't wait to find my work on a package or sign etc in a store. That would be awesome. :)
Well, here are pics of the pup and a few of my latest projects. 


NEDbeads said...

I am so incredibly happy for you, congratulations!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see your work on packaging and advertisements, either!! I am thrilled that someone found the value in your work in such a gloriously public forum, too - you so deserve it!!!!!!!!!! Your new work is as lovely as always, and your puppy is adorable - lucky you!!!!!!!! (Am working on an idea to do with the dragon bits you designed for me, too!!)

Chris Kapono said...

Thank you so much Nancy! I can't wait to see what you create next!

Anonymous said...

Hello, it's Gaina here (the mouth on wheels) commenting from my new blog ID :)

Congratulations on your commission! I adore the labradorite black heart, and it's inadvertantly answered one of my questions about baking polymer clay with sem-precious stones embedded :).

My muse has gone AWOL too, but over the last 12 months when I think about it I've been churning out loads of stuff between finishing my degree and stocking my etsy shop so I have folded up my craft table and given myself a month off! Haha.

Tali is gorgeous :D. Regarding the man with the big dog, how about putting this sign on your front lawn:

'Please don't let your dog poop on my garden, I wouldn't dream of letting mine poop on yours. Thankyou'

Then if he does it again, I'd try and photograph or video him doing it so you can take it to the person who runs your complex.

stopwatchesworld said...

Thanks so much to both of you.