Saturday, November 12, 2011

Live and Learn :)

Well, these three did not turn out quite like I had hoped. The stones are called Sonora Sunrise jasper and I knew their colors were a little too fantastic to be natural. They are dyed and I just found out that they change color with heat. Dern it!

This photo was taken indoors and the colors are off just a bit so I will take new photos outside tomorrow. They were more pastel with yellows, pink, peach, green and blue. Now....not so much. :(

On a less happy note (LOL) I still have not heard from the game developer's lawyer regarding their illegal use of my copyrighted image. A few weeks ago I was playing a hidden object game and to my shock, what I found hidden there were images of one of the vases I made! What are the odds of me stumbling across them?! I can't help but wonder if maybe it is happening much more than I realize. 
 Have you all heard of Pinterest? It is a place to collect and 'pin' all of your favorite photos, articles, recipes and more. Visit my boards here and check out the 'Loaf of Pug' LOL! People are so crazy and creative. XD  Each photo you pin  can be clicked on to be taken to the original source.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

What are the odds?!

 I just had the weirdest thing happen recently. The odds of me finding this have to be incredibly small. It was one of those jaw-dropping moments...quite literally my jaw dropped LOL! Guess you want to know what it was eh? :)

On a typical Saturday morning I'll sleep in a bit, stumble out to the coffee maker and get that thang going and then settle down at my desk to check emails, surf the web and sometimes I will play a PC game. This particular morning I decided to play a hidden object game. I like the ones with pretty graphics and not too many puzzles or riddles to solve. Hey...I'm just waking up, I don't want to have to think! 
Anyhoo, I went to Big Fish Games where you can download a game to try for free. While the game was loading I grabbed my cuppa Joe and settled back down. I was in the second room in this seek and find game, which they called the 'Treasure Room', and my eyes were scanning the room for the first object when it struck me that there was something familiar. I looked closer and it was the image of one of my vases! (this is where my jaw dropped).  I was stunned. It was a very surreal experience and it was the last thing I ever expected. 
Here is the image they used
Here is a link to a larger image of it in my gallery on deviantART 
I really had a hard time believing it for a moment. I had no idea that game developers troll the web for images to steal and use in their games. I am very naive I guess. 
Upon further inspection I realize that there is also a much larger image of the same vase in the bottom right corner of the same scene. I began to get mad. Sick to my stomach really. 
I know there are art thieves that think nothing of using other artists' images for their own profit. Last year I stumbled upon a person trying to sell images of one of my paintings. I really thought that, since most of my art is 3-dimensional that someone would actually have to make it to re-sell or use it for their profit. In other words I always felt safe and secure.
Not anymore.
I really do not want to start plastering a watermark across my photos. It really spoils the image and, from what I hear with today's technology, that is a very easy thing to remove.
I decided to write a letter to Big Fish Games. I knew that they were not the developers but I hoped they could help me get in touch with them. I contacted Big Fish one other time about a different issue and I was really impressed with their customer service. It is truly outstanding!
Someone responded two days later asking for more information and assured me that they would do everything they could. I then receive an email from their legal department and she gave me the name of the developer and his contact information. 
I am trying to decide what I want them to do. Remove the images? Some type of compensation? My name in the credits? Realistically what can I expect?

This is where I am now. 

Anyone have any advice or wisdom on such a thing?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My latest project..a Coral Reef!

I finally started on a project for a co-worker. He asked me to make a journal cover with an ocean theme in turquoise, blue and green.  I started on it last night and this is what I have so far. 

The polymer clay piece is nearly done, I just need to add a bit more coral and little pebbles. Then I'll add the acrylic patina to bring out the textures. I also plan to paint the book with my new concoction of powdered pigments, alcohol ink and Future floor finish...LOL! 

The shells are real and there are glass gems and little metal charms but the rest is handmade out of clay.

I recently bought a book by Donna Kato called 'The Art of Polymer Clay Millefiori Techniques'  Oh my gosh...I LOVE it! I can't wait to get started on some of the projects inside. There are examples of works by other PC artists and Kathleen Dustin and Barbara Sperling...and of course Donna Kato are amazing!! You really should check it out. ;)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Diary of a Mad (Scientist) Artist

I've been experimenting!
Muwahahaha  LOL! 
I haven't been working much with clay lately.  I did finish a couple of things that I will share with you here. One is a book that I lovingly call Cosmic Candy. 'Cosmic' because it looks rather alien and the background looks rather like deep space....with swirls ha ha! Everything I make seems to have swirls...dunno why. It's just how I roll....err..swirl. :) 'Candy' because behind each glass gem is a foil candy wrapper! XD

I couldn't decide whether to paint the clay and I asked the advice of my deviantART friends and we all agreed that I should leave it unpainted or paint it very little. One person said it would look awesome on a red or blue book and that gave me an idea. I decided to paint a book and put the unpainted clay plaque in the center. What I painted it with is where the mad scientist comes in LOL! Before I tell you let me show you a couple of other things that I painted with the same concoction.

All of these books and the business card holders are painted with a mixture of PearlEx powdered pigments (mica powder), alcohol ink and....Future acrylic floor finish! LOL Someone asked me how on the earth did I come up with that mixture and all I can say is that it was all on my art table within my reach. :) Good thing there wasn't anything flammable or I would have been in trouble! (wait...is alcohol ink flammable??) Anyhoo, it has a beautiful luster from the powdered pigments and it dries quickly and is already sealed! I really had fun playing with it and plan to paint more soon. 
Oh, I wanted to let you all know that the business card holders came from Moo.com
They are a wonderful source for custom business cards (you can see mine peeking out of the tops of the holders above) but they also make greeting cards, stickers and more. They are super fast, very friendly and fun. :)
Well, that's all for now!
Talk to you soon

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wow....long time No Blog LOL!

Well it has been a loooooong time since my last blog! I fell into a slump and lost my mojo LOL. I am getting back into my clay and I played around with some pen and ink today so I have a few images to share. An ACEO in pen and ink, various pendants with agates, labradorite and jasper (one I call a Zombie Heart LOL), a mosaic tile I call 'The Juggler'. Oh, and my sweet new baby.

A lot has happened since I last blogged. I have a new puppy named Tali (Tah-lee). She is a boxer/aussie/shepherd mix and she is so adorable! She is 9 weeks old and I have her housebroken and she is doing well on a leash....yay! I live in an apartment and we walk several times a day. We have a lake with a trail that circles it and miles of quiet neighborhoods to walk in. Now I carry a pocket full of plastic grocery bags to pick up the fall out...so to speak. :) Which reminds me; there is a neighbor with a big dog and he brings him into our 'front yard' to do his business...then he LEAVES it. Giant piles of poo. We walk through this grassy area (sometimes at night) to go to the grocery store. I want to say something to him but I don't know if I should. I wish I knew where he lived and I'd let the apartment complex handle it. Anyone have any ideas?

BIG news!! I was contacted by Polyform Products Co. (the people that make Sculpey and Premo! polymer clay) and they asked me to work for them on a commission basis. From time to time they will commission a piece to use for advertising, packaging, promos, website, catalog, signs and tradeshows. I just finished my first job for them; a pendant using a new line of colors they have coming out. I can't show pics of it until the clay is 'released' to the general public but there are some very pretty colors! They are very happy with the pendant so I am relieved. :) The really awesome part is that they sent me tons of clay and tools to use. I only used a couple of packs of clay so I asked if I should hold onto the rest for the next possible project and she said I could use it for whatever I like, they'll send more clay with my next assignment. WOW! I won't have to buy clay for awhile haha!
I can't wait to find my work on a package or sign etc in a store. That would be awesome. :)
Well, here are pics of the pup and a few of my latest projects.