Monday, August 2, 2010

Mosaic Tiles and Agate Pendants

I imported some of the most beautiful stones recently and I've finally gotten around to using a few of them LOL! (procrastination is my middle name!) The ones pictured here are agates; spider web agate and orange and blue agate geodes. Gorgeous! I love the contrast of the ebony and tangerine or brilliant blue color on the geodes and the remarkable turtle shell like pattern of the spider web agates. I left the settings open in the back so that the light could shine through showing off the druzy crystals or the intricate pattern.
Secondly, I finally (yep...procrastination) got around to using some polymer clay tiles I made over a year ago. I incorporated them into mosaic tiles using found objects such as marbles, jewelry bits, old keys, watch parts, glass beads, spider web agate, lock mechanism, glass gems, locket and stone cabs. The frames are wood and come from some little puzzles I found a the craft store. So fun to make and relatively easy too!
The faces you see in the tiles come from fellow Etsian Jay King aka TinyGolems on Etsy. I had been following his polymer clay work on deviantART for quite awhile now and encouraged him to open up his own shop. When he did...I was his first customer LOL!
The unusual marbles, locks and keys I received by trading my art for 'treasures' from a friend in England. She scours the boot sales looking for unusual things that I can use. She has found some of the most interesting things!
A passion of mine is collecting trinket boxes and I created a treasury of some of my favorites on Etsy. I call it "A Passion for Boxes". I wish I knew how to include links here. (if some kind reader would like to tell me how...I'm all ears!) In searching for unique boxes I found an Etsy seller that has a shop full of the prettiest decorative and fun boxes. Her Etsy name is FunWallArt (again, no link...sorry!). Check her out!


Arlene Harrison said...

The link for her shop is http://www.etsy.com/shop/FunWallArt
and you are so right. She does have a great collection of cute little boxes. Thanks for pointing me in her direction. Can't help you with the treasury link, that's still beyond my limited understanding of the internet!

Gaina said...

If you want to add a link you use the following symbols:

a href

I have put each symbol you need to use on a new line so that blogger doesn't chew it up but you would stick all that together without spaces to make the link work (you must, however include the space between 'a' and 'href').

Try this link I made to another treasury entry:

Tuesday Turquoise ~ ChelleChic's First BNR! Come on in Friends! 46 Sales so far!

Hope that made sense! Haha

Chris Kapono said...

Thank you so much Gaina! I will try that next time I post! :))