Friday, July 9, 2010

My new Tutorial and my latest schtuff!

I recently posted my second tutorial on ClayLessons.com This one is for a mermaid trinket box (see the photo below). I think this is something even someone brand new to clay could do! Just go to www.ClayLessons.com and click on tutorials and you will find it! There are tons of awesome tutorials there. Go ahead and check it out!

I had this idea to take a sheet of clay, cut varying sizes of holes in it and streeeeeetch it over a contrasting color of clay and I tried it with the most interesting results! I had no idea what I was going to do with it....as usual...and I just let the design develop as I went. The first reminds me of sea foam washing up on shore so I added shells and a seahorse. The second looks like an alien planet or skin.....(ewwww!) or some such but I thought they both turned out pretty cool.
I traded some of my art for some awesome old rusty treasures from a friend in England and I have selfishly been holding onto them not wanting to part with any but I finally included a few in a new journal I decorated. For the life of me I cannot get a decent photo of it but I LOVE the way it turned out. I call it 'Beautiful Decay'. :)) A fellow artist on deviantART was talking about how she discovered a way to rust things quickly. It is a nifty trick that I am going to try. Anyhoo....I was laughing about how excited she was (and me too!) to discover how to cover something in rust and I got to thinking about how beautiful rust and decay can be. I seem to be fascinated with decrepit old rusty broken objects lately and I wonder if it has anything to do with my upcoming birthday LOL!! Well, thinking about the beauty of decay inspired the design. :)
Say, everybody else on Etsy probably knows about this but I just discovered Craftopolis.com  !!! It offers tons of helpful information for sellers...you won't believe it! I just found out I was in treasuries I didn't even know about! Sheesh, I feel like a heel because I never commented or thank them. *sheepish grin*. If you are a seller on Etsy you gotta go check it out!


neduk said...

These are wonderful. You are a big artist and I love your fimos.

Gaina said...

I didn't know about Craftopolis either, so thanks for the link :).

Have you ever thought about decorating cakes in the same style as your journals? I think that would be great because I always want to eat your work, it's so lovely! :)

Amanda Makepeace said...

I've been admiring your creations for the past couple of months. They are magical! I'd really like to feature you on the EBSQ Blog as a Blogger of the Week. Be on the look our for my email. :)

Chris Kapono said...


Chris Kapono said...

Oh! Amanda, It looks as though I am laughing at your comment when in fact I was chuckling over what Gaina said about wanting to eat my work! XD

Thank you very much for possibly featuring me. I would LOVE that!!

serpil said...

I admire your works.. I think you are a great artist..I inspired from your work and made something with clay..Will you take a look and comment about it?

Chris Kapono said...

Serpil thank you so much! Your mosaic is so pretty!