Thursday, July 1, 2010

My first Tutorial! Also a Birthday Sale and New Goodies :)

My First Tutorial! 
I just became a teacher at ClayLessons.com and posted my first ever tutorial! 

It gives step by step instructions on how to create a dragon eye from polymer clay. No special tools needed and no prior polymer clay experience necessary. :)  Just go to www.claylessons.com and search for the Woodland Dragon Eye. Wheeee! 

I am so excited. Boy it was really a lot of work to put together a tutorial. I had no idea how much time it takes. You have to stop at every step and take photos (with clay covered hands lol), crop and organize the photos, type up your step by step instructions then create a PDF file. Whew! Luckily they have this nifty thing called 'Tutorial Maker' and it simplified it soooo much.

There are many really really cool tutorials on this site, you should check it out! Many of them are even free! Plus, if you are a polymer clay artist, consider becoming a teacher, it's awesome!

Well, I am celebrating another birthday this month. July 12th Woohoo! I'm not going to say how old I am...but let's just say that I've been 29 for quite a while now LOL!! To celebrate, I'd like to offer any reader, or friends of readers, a 20% discount off of anything in my Etsy shop. (www.mandarinmoon.etsy.com). You can click on the header of this blog and it will take you there. Buy anything from my shop and note that you would like to take advantage of the Birthday Sale and I will instantly refund 20% of the cost of the item you've purchased. It's like Christmas in July! If you buy three or more items I'll even throw in free shipping within the U.S. and discount international shipping by $5.00  Hey, who's birthday is it anyway? *grin*

The photos are new items that I have created recently, including the dragon eye that I made for the tutorial. Have a great summer!!


Knightwork Studio said...

It looks like a fun tutorial Chris, I'm sure it will be a big hit. Congratulations and Happy Birthday.

serpil said...

They are amazing, splendid and gorgeous !!!!I like them all.. I would like to try one but ı dont think ı can manage :( Anyway, you do them and ı will keep following you :) This might be enough for me :)
Love and hugs :)

MsArchangel said...

Loving your stuff -- you are familiar with Palissyware, right? I'll be the acrylic stuff is WAY easier to work with that what those artist had to use!