Friday, March 5, 2010


I am still stunned by this and it feels so surreal....but, I was contacted by an associate producer of the Martha Stewart show and she asked if I would be interested in coming on the show and teaching Martha how to decorate Easter eggs with polymer clay! Ahhh....!!! I answered lots of questions and sent her images of some sample eggs and now I am waiting (im)patiently to hear back. She said that they are choosing between several egg ideas so it is not a sure thing but STILL...I say again...Ahhhhhh!

Even if my ideas are not chosen I am thrilled that I got their attention! Now, my advice to all of my fellow artists is "Be prepared for the unexpected!".....errr, how do you prepare for....oh, nevermind...but you know what I mean. Anything can happen...and when you least expect it.

I am getting ready to put together my first online class. I think people will like what I do because anyone can do it with step by step instructions. I really admire my fellow polymer clay artists and their skill with surface techniques and faux finishes etc but my simple designs could be made by a beginner...which is what I am really LOL.

I am including a few new pieces that I've recently created. Hope you like them! :))