Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Jewelry and a Halloween Trinket Box!

Happy Halloween!..............okay, well maybe I'm a bit early. :) I've just finished a Halloween trinket box and three new pieces of polymer clay jewelry.
Some of my friends at PCAGOE gave me a tip on how to get polymer clay to stick to wood and it worked like a charm! First bake the wood at a low temp to ensure that all moisture is removed. Then apply a thin coating of white glue to the surface of the wood (I used Weldbond) and apply your clay to this surface. The glue was dry or nearly dry by the time I applied the clay. Yay! I had some wood boxes and could not get the clay to stick for the life of me!
I'm having fun creating little pieces of jewelry and I've sold one of them to a buyer in Italy. I was so happy! I love the effect the PearlEx powdered pigment has on black clay. It just glows!
It has been a glorious weekend here. Mostly sunny and cool. Unbeieveable for July in Missouri!! I haven't had the air on all weekend and the windows have been open letting the cool breeze in. Ahhh...just wonderful.


Fabi said...

¡¡¡ Son geniales las cajas !!!
A greeting.

luthien said...

hello chris :)
just wanted to say "hi" here as well. i just can't get over your work. you are such an amazing artist :) i have taken the liberty to suggest your page in fb to my frens who i think would be interested in art and also to the ning group i belong to called inspiration avenue :)) i'm just so glad i found you. now i am inspired to take up polymer clay classes :)) i never thought polymer clay could be used to create such fantastic art! but i'm guessing it all boils down to the artist behind the work :)) and yours is simple inspiring! peace and hugs!!
still in awe,
luthien :)

Chris Kapono said...

Thank you very much! You are so sweet :)

Tammy said...

These pieces are so gorgeous, Chris. I am from the St. Louis area, originally and I was a tomboy growing up, too. Luthien told me about your blog so I had to come see for myself and she is right, your work is lovely.

Chris Kapono said...

Thank you so much Tammy! I love your blog. Your photos are wonderful!