Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's been a busy weekend, I can't believe it is almost over! I never get everything done but I did accomplish much in the way of art. I finished a stained glass mosaic jar, two ACEO holders, a decorative box and a new blank journal. All totally new ideas for me. Ones that I've been thinking about for awhile.

My idea for the new blank journal was to embed puzzle pieces into the clay. My worry was that the puzzle pieces would burst into flames or discolor while curing the clay. I'm pleased to announce that neither mishap happened. Whew!

The idea for the Mosaic glass jar was to use art glass and surround it with black polymer clay to give the illusion of stained glass. It worked perfectly though the finished piece may have a bit too much texture. I used hundreds (thousands?) of little clay balls and that made it pretty busy. Next time I will do it a little differently.

The ACEO holders turned out really cute and were relatively easy to make. I had little Christmas ornament photo holders and I covered them with polymer clay and added catseye cabochons to one and made the other to look like a little seed pod (my favorite!)

The box was covered in polymer clay and I placed a tooled copper foil Cicada in the center. The tooled copper cicada was purchased on eBay from an artist in Thailand who goes by the name of waemam. Beautiful detailed pieces!

Sales on Etsy have been reallllly slow and I hope these new pieces will bring some attention to my shop. There are a few other art sites that I may have to try to increase my exposure. All my fellow artist friends on deviantART are really supportive and seem to like the new pieces. That is really a wonderful site for an artist. Not only is it packed with some amazing artwork, but the people there are friendly and supportive of one another.

Woah, this is the first time that I have included images in my post...they look huge! Hmmm...(making a mental note to post SMALL images in the future)


lisa_crofts said...

hi chris

i love all your new work. Fantastic to see pictures on your blog. The photo size is excellent dont change it.

Goodluck with etsy.

Chris Kapono said...

Thanks Lisa!