Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wow! My first sale to Russia!!

I am so excited! After a few weeks of little sales in my Etsy shop, I found that I had sold a jewelry box that I decorated months ago. The most expensive piece I had for sale. Next thing I knew, this same buyer chose two other pieces also! I was so happy and when I learned that he is in Moscow, that was the icing on the cake. I love selling to buyers in new countries. There is something about the thought of my art now all over the world that is thrilling. :)
One of the first pieces I ever sold was a dragon called Ferdinand and he now lives in New Zealand. It's like a part of me now lives in these exotic lands. And yet, boring ol' me has never even been out of the United States....sigh*

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lisa_crofts said...

Congrats on the sale Chris. I am sorry to hear you are not doing so well financially but it looks like you have already worked out a way to save money. Keep producing those beautiful works of art.