Sunday, April 19, 2009

Going to Costa Rica!

...not me, sadly, but one of my journals! I was contacted by a woman in Boca Raton and she comissioned a journal for her trip to Costa Rica for research. How exciting! She provided photos of the native wildlife and a few examples of my previous work to give me an idea of what she would like. That was perfect and I was able to make something that she loves. Yay! She said her next trip will probably be to Alaska...what an interesting life she has...I'm jealous LOL!
The second bit of exciting news is that I was contacted by an online magazine and she wants to feature my work in an upcoming issue. I need to supply high res photos and a short bio. Which reminds me, I have to jump on that now that the comissioned journal is finished!
I was also contacted by Soleyne.com and invited to join their invitation-only selling gallery site. Sounds exciting and I am going to take 5 of my journals and tiles from my Etsy site and move them over and see what happens. They are a juried gallery and have to approve all submissions. They are promoting themselves to be a premier online selling gallery much like a brick and mortar gallery and are gearing up to hit the market with an ad campaign in May 2009. I am looking forward to this new exposure!

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