Sunday, October 12, 2008

Projects...so many projects, so little time!

Ahhh! It's Sunday and I didn't accomplish all that I had hoped to this weekend. Oh well, that is the way it usually goes. Luckily, I am so busy at work that the weeks fly by just as fast.

I am going to work on another blank journal. My first sold fairly quickly and at a nice price. I decorated it with polymer clay, glass gems, bits of jewelry and a broken watch. I have a photo of it here on my blog page.

Right now I am working on more little boxes in polymer clay. This is the perfect time of year for working with polymer clay; it is cool enough that I can cure them in the oven and not heat up the house!

I'm starting to develop my own style and so far, people seem to like it. I just get so impatient; I want to sell things more quickly. My daughter is in college and tuition and books are so expensive!

Well, off I go to create!

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