Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oodles of Doodles

I just finished another of my ACEO Scratchboard "doodles". I call them doodles because I just randomly draw whatever comes to mind. This one has a creepy Halloween feel to it with a skull, cobweb and a spider dangling from a silken thread. (and, of course, eyes here and there)
I'll put it up for auction on eBay and see if anyone is interested. If not, then I will list it on Etsy and see what happens. The last couple that I posted on eBay sold for $30 and up. Not bad for a little doodle!
I love this scratchboard paper that I found. It is easy to cut into whatever size you need, like the ACEO size that I've been doing. They are alot less expensive than the Ampersand Scratchbord too. You can't get quite the same effect as you can on the Ampersand board but, with practice, you can acheive similar results.
Lately these scratchboard ACEOs have been selling on eBay, but no sales to speak of on Etsy. Maybe sales will pick up after the election. One can only hope!
I also heard rumors of another Economic Stimulus check that may be sent out soon. Wouldn't that be great! Maybe they could send it out right before Christmas, that would ensure that it is put right back into the economy!

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