Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Maiden Voyage

This is my very first experience with blogging! I was told recently by a fellow artist on EBSQ that I really need to do this, so here I am. Thank you Laurie!

Just a couple of years ago, I discovered ACEO on eBay. When I found out what they were I was really excited because I have always wanted to own works from other artists but could not afford them. Sigh*
Soon, I had amassed a collection of the coolest drawings and paintings! They are very addictive and I was hooked. It was becoming an expensive habit and one day a light bulb went off and I thought "why don't I try selling some myself?" I was so excited when I made my first sale! Wheeee!

Then, I made the mistake of calculating how much I was paying in eBay listing and final value fees and the fees I paid Paypal to collect the money. I realized with dismay that a big chunk of each sale went to these fees! I figured that was the price you pay for the exposure and knew that I would not be selling my art at all if not for eBay. But, when they changed the default search to "Best Match" and began the DSR, I became even more disenchanted. Even with a 100% positive feedback and 4.9-5.0 DSR I was getting more and more lost in the shuffle.

A fellow artist on eBay told me that she was also selling on a site called Etsy and said I should give it a try. I was a bit skeptical but when I checked them out, it seemed like a wonderful place for artists of all kinds! Only handmade items are sold there, not all of the mass produced things you may find elsewhere. The listing fees are only twenty cents for four months and you get your own little shop. I set up my shop and filled it with a few of my ACEOs and paintings, then proceeded to spend money on some of the wonderful things listed there! :) It is working out very well for me.

Now, I only use eBay to research how much an item will sell for. Etsy is a fixed price format and I wanted to price my items fairly without giving them away. One thing I will say for an auction format is that I was often surprised by how much one of my paintings would sell for. I would never have thought to ask so much for it. It really depends on who is shopping, what they love, and how badly they want to own it. The best thing for an artist is to have a few people that are determined to own your work and they get into a bidding war. It is so exciting!!

Thanks so much for listening to me ramble!

Most of my art is available in my Etsy shop at http://www.mandarinmoon.etsy.com/
My user name on eBay is crevecoeur712
I have much of my art posted on deviantART at http://www.mandarinmoon.deviantart.com/
My member name on EBSQ is MandarinMoon

Check it out!

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♥Bobbin4apples♥ said...

Tag! We're following you! Getting this blog up is a great start, even if it seems weird to post daily you should keep it up.